Why choose us?

The Florida landscapes and wildlife have been the focus of my photography since I arrived in 2006. All Florida Wildlife Gallery Images printed by myself are on 100 percent archival paper with pigment based inks which extend the life of the image up to 200 years.

I am originally a thirty year resident from the state of Massachusetts. Transplanted to Florida in 2006 I've become a fond lover of its beautiful nature, landscapes, and wildlife.

We been serving customers for over 10 years, offering the best selection and prices on professional photography services and prints. 

Patience and determination in addition to timing is what I credit myself with all the great images I'm able to bring you.  Careful and thoughtful processing of images is my strongest asset when it comes to creating images for my clients. I like to consider myself, what I call a candid wildlife photographer waiting just for the right time to take the shot.  It's that challenge I enjoy the most.

Business Packages and Programs

The Florida Wildlife Gallery business packages are designed for business' to decorate their space with photographs taken right here in Florida by a local professional wildlife photographer. Our wildlife and local landscapes are always a good way to show your clients from out of town what Florida is all about and give them the opportunity to take it home with them. Every package will give you the opportunity to continuously rotate your locally displayed prints year round.  All Prints will be available for sale at www.FloridaWildlifeGallery.com   How does it work? Schedule an appointment to find out how this benefits you. This will also allow your clients to always have something interesting and new to look at when visiting your business or office.  If nothing sells during the year, all prints will be rotated out when plan renews on your yearly anniversary date. Your renewal will be discounted at 20%.  Be sure to check out our Competitive Pricing Program for another option on how you or your business can earn residual income by simply selling to clients, family, friends etc.