Quality Prints

The Florida landscapes and wildlife have been the focus of my photography since I arrived in 2006.All Florida Wildlife Gallery Images printed by myself are on 100 percent archival paper with pigment based inks which extends the life of the image up to 200 years.

                                                                                          About Me

I am originally a thirty year resident from the New England State of Massachusetts. Transplanted to Florida in 2006 I’ve become a fond lover of its beautiful nature, landscapes and wildlife. 

                                                                                      The Way I See......

Patience and determination in addition to timing is what I credit myself with all the great images I’m able to bring you. Careful and thoughtful processing of images is my strongest asset when it comes to creating images for my clients. I like to consider myself, what I call a candid wildlife photographer waiting just for the right time to take the shot. It’s that challenge I enjoy the most.